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To boost your business, solid marketing strategies must be put in place. This post carefully itemized some legit marketing strategies that have been proven to help small and large scale businesses improve. 

Employ these strategies and your business will not just attract new customers but also retain them.

Invest in a good website​​

A good website goes beyond content. A website must also be properly designed. Most people often neglect this aspect of marketing, but a well-designed website influences the amount of time a user wants to spend on your web page. Remember that your website is the most important among all of your digital marketing endeavors, so it has to be well designed, easy to read, interesting and clean. You could spend thousands of dollars developing a marketing strategy, a badly designed website will still make you lose so much money. If you can’t design on your own, simply hire an expert to create and design a user and mobile-friendly website for your business. It may be costly initially, but you will make the money back in the long run.

Use SEO to market

The use of SEO to market your brand helps make your business appear top on a list of search engine results. If your business adopts a solid search engine optimisation strategy, the website will become synonymous with the keywords that are usually used to locate your services. This kind of brand visibility increases your chances of being the business outfit people prefer to transact with after searching the web. And the good thing is, depending on the sort of keyword you target in your SEO campaigns, you could be having tons of sales per day without having to pay much in advertising. If you don’t know SEO, you can learn it, there are many resources on the Internet that have been put together by people who know what they are doing that you can either buy or download for free. And you can hire an SEO expert or consultant – more on this later.

Run associate and affiliate programs 

An affiliate or associate program doesn’t make sense for every business, but for those that see sense in it, people who believe in what you do, can share your details with their friends and associates and grow your market based on a fixed commission. This is a fast way to improve your marketing effort without stress.

Using Influencers

It is always advisable to hire an expert if you are not an expert in the field of digital and internet marketing. In other to achieve the needed result via this medium, it’s better to hire one of the hundreds of internet marketing consultants and coaches out there. They are well trained to advise you on what you must change to see success in the not too distant future. However, when hiring an SEO expert or consultant, you need to be sure to find out if whatever they have promised is what they can deliver. There are many so called SEO experts out there who use what is known as blackhat methods to build links for, if you don’t know what blackhat methods means in SEO, please do a bit of Google work, these blackhat methods can only hurt your business in the long run and you should stay away from them. This why you must exercise a lot of caution when picking an expert to work with.

Adopt Email Marketing 

Email marketing works a great deal. Using an opt-in email list permits customers to visit your site and sign up to get email correspondence, which allows you to always connect with not just your current clients but your potential customers. Aside from just sending emails to potential customers, business owners will also consider numerous email lists that take care of the needs of each person and can present a customized campaign approach. Knowing the purchasing habits of your potential customers help you to develop information on how to best approach such customer. Through email marketing, you can run a survey to your list (people who have signed up to receive your newsletter ) and discover what works best for them, knowing this could help you convert your list easily.

Hold promotional contests and giveaways 

These days, people are best attracted by freebies and giveaways. This secret is an open one, hold a promotional contest and watch your sales boost like a rocket. Simply encourage promotion of your clients in exchange for freebies; you will always see a massive rise in purchases.


Depending on your approach, you can make good income from social media, but you must know that it takes time and be ready to be patient and work hard. You should also always aim to better yourself by reading and learning about new things. You know, not a single person knows it all and there are people who are better than you out there you should be learning from.


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